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African-American Homeowners Charge HUD with Discrimination

African-American homeowners whose government-guaranteed mortgages were auctioned by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) to the highest bidder filed a class action lawsuit on Friday in federal court, exposing the discriminatory impact of HUD’s Note Sale Program, compelling HUD to review the disparate racial impact of the Program and demanding that HUD […]

Zip Code Matters for Homeowners Trying to Fight Foreclosures

MFY Legal Services attorney Linda Jun is one of four primary authors of a report released today by New Yorkers for Responsible Lending that lays bare the consequences for homeowners of inconsistent court procedures on foreclosure in New York State. Divergent Paths: The Need for More Uniform Standards and Practices in New York State’s Residential […]

Advocates Troubled over Consolidation of Brooklyn Foreclosure Cases

Advocates voiced concerns over the decision to concentrate foreclosure cases with three judges in Brooklyn Supreme Court, instead of spreading them out among 27 judges as has been the practice. With close to 12,000 cases pending, advocates worry that judges will not be able to spend the time needed to properly analyze and adjudicate the […]

Homeowners Can Now Challenge Bank’s Failure to Negotiate in Good Faith

MFY attorney Chantal Hernandez won an important victory for homeowners in foreclosure with a decision by the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department that holds that a bank’s failure to follow federal government regulations constitutes a failure to negotiate in good faith. The court also agreed that tolling of interest on the mortgage while the bank […]

MFY Files Suit Against Foreclosure Scammer

MFY filed a groundbreaking lawsuit on behalf of a Queens homeowner who paid thousands of dollars in fees to a company that promised a loan modification and legal services but provided nothing. The New York Post describes the suit, the first of its kind filed in the city under the distressed property consultant law.

MFY’s Advocacy Leads to New Law Ending the Foreclosure “Shadow Docket”

MFY’s vigorous advocacy to end the foreclosure “shadow docket” led to a new law signed today by Governor Cuomo to end this abusive practice.  MFY’s 2011 report, Justice Deceived, showed how homeowners were prevented from getting loan modifications because lenders’ attorneys failed to file documents to move their cases to the settlement part. Read more.

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