Neighborhood Preservation Project


MFY defends tenants’ rights and prevents evictions each year in rapidly gentrifying communities.

When MFY opened the doors to its first storefront office in 1963, apartment buildings and tenements throughout Manhattan provided affordable housing to tens of thousands of low-income families. After decades of runaway gentrification, those earning the median income can scarcely afford a rent-stabilized apartment, with market rate housing completely out of their reach. For low-income New Yorkers, the situation is desperate.

MFY’s Neighborhood Preservation Project (NPP) works on many fronts to preserve affordable housing in Manhattan and protect tenants’ rights. We provide advice, counsel and representation to hundreds of tenants each year, help organize and support tenant organizations, advocate for policies and programs to provide greater protections for tenants and to promote affordable housing, and represent tenants in eviction proceedings and Housing Part actions.

The Neighborhood Preservation Project also empowers communities to advocate for tenant rights by providing information and trainings on tenants’ rights.

The NPP represents residents of New York City Housing Authority (NHCHA) buildings, and is developing a new focus area to address the inequities faced by ex-offenders in obtaining and retaining both housing and housing-related subsidies.

The project is supported by the New York State Department of Housing & Community Renewal and the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development.