2016 Legislative Priorities



Three-Quarter Houses 

MFY has been at the forefront of litigating and advocating on behalf of three-quarter house residents, including organizing three-quarter house residents.  MFY has organized a coalition of organizations concerned about abuses in these homes and support the following to address some of those abuses:

 New York State

Amend the illegal lockout law to expressly provide coverage for licensees.

Create a housing subsidy for people in re-entry from jail or prison; or providing state funding to supplement the City’s SEPS homelessness-prevention subsidy.

Adopt a statewide “ban the box” law prohibiting housing discrimination on the basis of past contact with the criminal justice system.

 New York City

Amend the Housing Maintenance Code to prohibit landlords from requiring tenants to seek or receive medical treatment as a condition of their occupancy.

Override rules adopted by HPD that restrict access to emergency relocation services after a vacate order has been placed on a building, and requiring HPD to accept alternative forms of proof of residence where occupants do not have traditional leases.

Adopt standards prohibiting any city agency to refer people to three-quarter houses with a history of code violations.

Adopt a citywide “ban the box” law prohibiting housing discrimination on the basis of past contact with the criminal justice system.

Construction as Harassment

MFY is on the steering committee of Stand for Tenant Safety (STS), a coalition of community-based organizations, legal service agencies and tenant advocates working to document instances of “construction as harassment” and protect tenants by reforming the Department of Buildings (“DOB”).  MFY supports a suite of bills to address these concerns.

 New York City

Int 918-2015: Instituting limitations on self-certification of building permits 

Int 924-2015: Requiring issuance of orders to correct simultaneous with vacate orders

Int 926-2015: Creating a task force for construction work in occupied multiple dwellings

Int 930-2015: Expanding distressed buildings subject to foreclosure by action in rem 

Int 931-2015: Providing that unpaid ECB judgments for certain Building Code violations constitute tax liens and subject building to foreclosure by the City

Int 934-2015: Creating real time enforcement unit in DOB

Int 936-2015: Requiring DOB oversight for tenant protection plans under the Construction Code

Int 938-2015: Increasing oversight of construction contractors who have engaged in work without a required permit

Int 939-2015: Increasing penalties against construction contractors for work without a permit in one or two-family dwellings

Int 940-2015: Increasing penalties for violation of a stop work order

Int 944-2015: Increasing oversight in buildings with violations for construction without a permit

Int 960-2015:  Creating a Safe Construction Bill of Rights for occupied buildings


MFY plays a leadership role in both the consumer and bankruptcy areas in New York City and is an active member of New Yorkers for Responsible Lending, a state-wide coalition that promotes access to fair and affordable financial services and the preservation of assets for all New Yorkers.  As part of various coalitions at the City, State, and Federal levels, MFY supports the following legislative initiatives and proposals:


Support the Arbitration Fairness Act, H.R. 2087

Support a bill to amend the bankruptcy code to include discharging student loan debts

Support a bill to amend the bankruptcy code regarding the reporting of discharged debt

New York State

Support the Consumer Credit Fairness Act

Support a package of anti-predatory auto loan bills

Support a bill to prohibit the use of credit checks in employment decisions

Support a bill to ban sham trade schools from being eligible to receive TAP funds

Support a bill that would regulate private student loan servicing

New York City

Support a bill to amend the law governing Board of Education pension loan repayment requirements

Support bills to protect consumers from abusive conduct by landlords seeking debts post-eviction


MFY Legal Services is a member of the Coalition of Reentry Advocates (CoRA), http://www.cora-ny.org/,  a New York State coalition of advocates who work to change laws and policies to ensure that people who have had contact with the criminal justice system have a fair chance to succeed as full community members.  A full list of CoRA’s legislative proposals is available at http://www.cora-ny.org/our-legislation.


New York State

Support A4250 (Wright)/S3596 (Savino): Amend state law so that durational sanctions are discontinued thereby enabling people on public assistance to participate in work activities immediately upon compliance rather than requiring them to wait for periods up to six months.


MFY Legal Services is a member of the SWEAT (Securing Wages Earned Against Theft) coalition, a growing group of grassroots organizations, workers centers, legal service providers and advocates fighting to ensure that New York’s workers are able to recover the wages they are owed by employers.

 New York State

Support the SWEAT bill (most recently Assembly Bill No. 8045 and Senate Bill No. A5501) which will: (1) expand New York’s mechanic’s lien law to include all workers via the establishment of a wage lien; (2) allow workers to attach employer’s property prior to the resolution of a case for unpaid wages; and (3) hold the largest shareholders of an employer personally liable for wage theft.


New York State (Note that some of the below bill numbers may change in the new session)

 Supporting the NY/NY 4 Campaign which asks for 35,000 new apartments across New York State to prevent homelessness for people with mental illness.

A01548: Enacting the “safe staffing for quality care act” to require nursing homes to implement certain direct-care nurse to patient ratios in all nursing units.

A06390: Creating a temporary state commission to study and investigate the effects of closures of long term care facilities on the residents of such facilities and their families.

A07351: Requiring an enhanced level of informed consent before psychotropic medication can be prescribed for nursing home and adult home residents.

A00415: Preventing new residents from being admitted to nursing homes that are not providing safe and appropriate care.

A04160: Increasing the personal needs allowance for nursing home residents.

New York City

 Res. No. 504 – Calling on the Governor and Mayor to approve a fourth “New York/New York Agreement” to create permanent supportive housing for people with mental illness


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