MFY in the News

Holdover Suit Dismissed After Landlord Fails to Explain Respondent’s Status

After a NYC landlord sought to evict a tenant, MFY attorney Brian Sullivan convinced the court to dismiss the case based on the landlord’s failure to explain why it did not know the legal status of the persons occupying the apartment.  The landlord claimed in its Notice of Termination that the respondents were “trespassers/squatters and/or [...]

Food Cart Workers Awarded $60,000 in Unpaid Wages

On July 14, 2014, a Manhattan judge awarded two street food cart vendors over $60,000 in unpaid wages, overtime, and penalties. The decision found that the vendors, represented by MFY Legal Services, had worked 12 hours per day, six days per week in all types of weather, including severe snow conditions. The vendors often received [...]

How to Keep Your Rent-Stabilized Apartment

In a July 22 article on DNAinfo New York, MFY supervising attorney Chris Schwartz sheds light on the illegal tactics that NYC landlords use to evict tenants from rent-stabilized apartments.  

Dishing Out Consumer Advice

Real NY features an interview with MFY attorney Evan Denerstein on consumer law in New York, in which he provides guidance and information about how to handle debt collection matters and where consumers can go to get help.

MFY-Bellevue Medical-Legal Partnership Featured on NBC News

On June 24, 2014, NBC News at 7 highlighted the new medical-legal partnership between MFY and Bellevue Hospital Center’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department designed to help families resolve health-harming legal problems and aid the recovery of children and youth with mental illness.

MFY Trains Seniors on Rent Increase Exemption

Thousands of seniors in rent-regulated apartments in New York  City are unaware of the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE). MFY is conducting trainings for seniors at community organizations in lower Manhattan in June and July. Click here for the schedule.

Advocating Emotional Support Animals in No-Pets Housing

MFY Attorney Dinah Luck shows the importance of emotional support animals in promoting the wellbeing of people with mental illness and outlines how advocates can successfully advocate for clients who live in no-pets housing in an article in the May-June issue of Clearinghouse Review.

After a Decade of Litigation, Relief for NYC Adult Home Residents

The spring 2014 issue of the New York State Bar Association’s Elder and Special Needs Law Journal features an article by MFY attorney Jota Borgmann detailing the decade-long litigation that led to a settlement allowing thousands of adult home residents in 23 large adult homes to move into supported housing in the community.

MFY Clients Help Expose Heavy-Handed Medicaid Sales Tactics

After interviewing many MFY clients displaced by Hurricane Sandy and working with MFY Attorney Jota Borgmann and others, the New York Times published a scathing exposé on the heavy handed sales tactics used to entice vulnerable New Yorkers to accept Medicaid managed care plans. Read MFY’s letter to the Governor and others, and a case [...]

Taking Aim at Debt Vultures

An op-ed in the Daily News on May 7, 2014 highlights MFY’s defense of a victim of unscrupulous debt collectors and applauds Chief Judge Lippman’s efforts to rein in abusive debt collectors.