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MFY Urges City to Adopt Standards for Collecting Immigration Status

In testimony today before the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and other agencies, MFY Supervising Attorney Maia Goodell urged that the city adopt clear standards for all agencies, including law enforcement, to ensure that immigration status is not collected unless essential, that personal information is safeguarded to the maximum extent possible, and that […]

MFY Releases Guide for Parents Preparing for Potential Deportation

MFY Legal Services is disseminating a new guide for parents who may be facing potential deportation. The guide instructs parents on how to get documents confirming a child’s status and how to plan for a child’s care by filling out a Parental Designation Form. It also outlines the legal options for adults who are caring […]

Judge Blasts NYS for Undermining Adult Home Class Action Settlement

At a Civil Hearing on March 22, 2107, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, after summarizing a decade of litigation on behalf of adults with mental illness living in adult homes, criticized New York State representatives for using the courts to undermine a class action settlement that compelled the state to provide 2,000 units of supportive housing–and […]

MFY on the Importance of Protections for Three-Quarter House Tenants

In an article in Behavioral Healthcare Executive, MFY Staff Attorney Matthew Main spoke about the importance of recent City Council legislation that increased protections for three-quarter residents, especially the law prohibiting three-quarter house operators from compelling residents to attend treatment programs or get medical services. Operators often get kickbacks from treatment providers and then evict […]

Report: Airbnb as a Racial Gentrification Tool in NYC

A new report, The Face of Airbnb, New York City, by Inside Airbnb, a member of the Coalition against Illegal Hotels, documents the role that Airbnb plays in the gentrification of historically black and brown neighborhoods and the disproportionate benefit obtained by white hosts. An earlier report by MFY and Housing Conservation Coordinators showed how […]

MFY Joins Univision Panel on Immigrants’ Rights

MFY Attorney Ernie Collette shared his knowledge of immigration law with a panel of experts at a forum organized by Univision on February 16, 2017. Immigrants from around the New York metropolitan area called in their questions and the panel provided timely and accurate information to New Yorkers who voiced concerns and anxieties resulting from […]

MFY Joins Amicus Brief to SCOTUS on Criminal Conviction Expungement

MFY Legal Services joined 23 other non-profit organizations in an amicus brief filed in the U.S. Supreme Court on February 10, 2017, concerning expungement of federal criminal convictions, and whether and in what circumstances a judge has the power to grant a petition to expunge. Doe v. USA challenges a decision by the 2nd Circuit […]

MFY Urges City Council to Pressure HUD on Discriminatory Mortgage Sales

In testimony before the New York City Council, MFY attorney Christopher Fasano praised the city’s efforts to protect homeowners with distressed mortgages through its Community Restoration Program and urged the city to pressure HUD to not sell mortgages in cases where homes can be saved through loan modifications and to increase nonprofit sales. MFY also […]

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