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MFY Supports City Legislation to Reform Buildings Department

As part of the citywide Stand for Tenant Safety Coalition, MFY stood with 200 representatives of housing and community organizations on the steps of City Hall to support a package of 12 bills being introduced in the City Council to address negligent response time from the Department of Buildings (DOB), insufficient services from DOB, safety [...]

MFY: Nursing Homes are Failing NYS Residents

In an article in City and State New York, MFY attorney Nahid Sorooshyari explains how the state’s failure to properly administer the Nursing Home Transition and Diversion waiver program traps hundreds of seniors and people with disabilities in nursing homes who are capable of living independently in the community with appropriate supports.

Narco Freedom Residents to Get New Providers

MFY organizer Paulette Soltani’s comments on a judge’s decision to transition Narco Freedom residents to two new providers were featured in a recent CBS News report on the massive fraud case that landed Narco Freedom’s operators in jail and left hundreds of residents in housing limbo. Soltani commented that the decision is “a promising plan [...]

Trapped in Nursing Homes, People with Disabilities File Class Action Lawsuit Charging Violation of Constitutional Rights

Four people with disabilities filed a class action lawsuit in federal court against the New York State Department of Health (DOH), DOH Commissioner Howard Zucker, and Visiting Nurse Association Health Care, Inc. to challenge the illegal administration of a program that was designed, but failed, to facilitate the plaintiffs’ transition from nursing homes to their [...]

Three-Quarter House Operator Faces Criminal Charges

The New York Times reports that Yury Baumblit is facing criminal charges for illegally evicting tenants from three-quarter houses he operates. MFY has assisted scores of Baumblit’s tenants and has filed a class action lawsuit against Baumblit and others for widespread deceptive practices, harassment of tenants, violation of the rent stabilization code and laws, and [...]

Three-Quarter House Operator Sued for Wage Theft

After receiving no wages after 16 months of work, Bernardo Moreno, a former employee of a three-quarter house operator, filed suit on August 6, 2015 in federal court charging violations of minimum wage and overtime laws. He typically worked 12 or more hours per day as a “house manager.”  MFY is representing Mr. Moreno in [...]

800 Three-Quarter House Residents May Need a New Home

The Daily News reported on July 27, 2015 that 11 of 18 three-quarter houses operated by Narco Freedom may close after its CEO and son were indicted for an illegal Medicaid kickback scheme and other charges and it was found that the organization is operating at a severe loss. MFY Attorney Matthew Main commented that [...]

Tenant Restored to Now Occupied Apartment after Six-Year Battle

MFY Attorney Tanya Kessler won the restoration of a west side tenant to his now occupied apartment six years after his landlord evicted him on a bogus subletting charge. Although he tried to appear to defend himself despite being incarcerated, the Housing Court judge defaulted him. After he filed an order to show cause upon [...]